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Life Saving Education and Training


To Shae Cares CPR

Where a simple business aspiration transformed into a passionate journey of saving lives. Founded by Shae Fendrick, a certified expert in CPR/AED and First Aid Training with a background in the Air Force, our service has flourished as a result of her unwavering dedication and fervor. Throughout her career, Shae has had the privilege of witnessing the incredible impact of her training on individuals who have become real-life heroes, using the skills she taught them to save lives.

As a mother, Shae knows the paramount importance of being prepared for emergencies. Relocating her headquarters from Seattle, Washington, to Panama City, Florida, she has brought her passion and expertise to empower the local community and beyond. Shae's profound experiences and commitment inspired her to establish her own training company. Now, with a team of exceptional trainers in the program, Shae Cares CPR is fully equipped to train and prepare everyday people, ensuring they have the power and knowledge to make a life-saving difference with locations in Washington, Florida, Oregon, and surrounding areas.

Shae Fendrick, Founder of Shae Cares CPR


Make A Life-Saving Difference

CPR/AED/First Aid Training


Life Savers

At Shae Cares CPR, we are dedicated to training everyday people and businesses in Infant, Child, and Adult CPR, as well as AED usage, equipping them with essential life-saving skills. Our expert instructors ensure that you feel confident and prepared to handle critical situations with ease. Whether you're a parent, caregiver, or employee, our hands-on exercises and informative lessons will leave you empowered to respond effectively during emergencies.

Our CPR and AED classes are designed to be accessible and convenient, catering to individuals and businesses alike. Creating a safer community is our priority, and we believe that top-notch CPR and AED training is key to achieving that. Don't wait to invest in your skills; join us today and be the difference when it matters most. Enroll in Shae Cares CPR and AED training now for a safer and more secure tomorrow.


Safety First

We offer comprehensive training for everyday people and businesses. Our instructors are committed to preparing you for life-saving emergencies from basic First Aid techniques to advanced interventions, we cover it all, empowering you to be a valuable first responder.

In addition to our regular First Aid classes, we provide a special session where children can create their own First Aid Kits. Instilling safety awareness from a young age, kids learn about different supplies and responsible usage. Join us today to enhance your life-saving skills and build a safer community. Enroll in Shae Cares First Aid training for a more secure tomorrow.

Holding a First Aid Kit

CPR/AED/FIRST AID Class Showcase

Empowering Rescuers, Saving Lives One Technique at a Time


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